Mecánica Distributiva Art Project · Contemporary Art

We are a group of Latin American artists that have collaborated jointly since 2010, together we formed a cultural society, which arises from collaborations and ideas of different artists living among the cosmopolitan cities of Mexico, Miami and Havana. Since then we have embarked on an untiring search for iconographic and pictorial components, resulting in the creation of powerful and extraordinary works of art. Full of authenticity and contemporaneity.

In this project we have as main objective to continue to enjoy the taste for the arts and the creation, from different creative paths, and for those who are lovers of art, it represents a magnificent opportunity to share our very particular vision, conceptualization and materialization of rhetorical figures, colors, large dimensions and the technique are characteristic elements of our work. Inspired and passionate about music and contemporary culture, in Mecánica Distributiva Art Project, we create paintings and objects with clear reminiscences of the global collective imaginarium, full of a new meanings and powerfully authentic, they are part of a whole, connected by a common thread, whose potentials and alternative logics are outlined during the process of creation, all according to the rhetorical concept of the portrait.

In the midst of the digital age, it is possible to state with no fear of being mistaken that our work has an extraordinary and irreverent iconography that becomes a revitalizing and energizing proposal for the current art circuit. The nature of the contemporary culture is determined by the massification of its forms of production and symbolic reproduction. When entering a new correspondence the public space and the private space, the forms of aestheticization of life, Mecánica Distributiva Art Project filters through its eye the routine, representing recognizable icons, making them grandiloquent, maximizing them, increasing their aesthetic value. Its representation is not limited to what is two-dimensional but every interestingly shaped object transmits, intervenes, grows.

MD Art Project is a group of artists, this site is a Contemporary Art Gallery, specialized in Pop Art.